Kentish Recipes

Posted by Jennifer on April 17, 2018

The 1940's Experiment. In the WW2 recipe book 'Good Eating' published in the 1940s by the 'Daily Telegraph' and which included wartime recipes tried and tested by readers, I came across a recipe for 'Kentish Pasties'. This particular recipe, according to the reader, was for a popular pasty distributed by mobile canteens and pie stations at Sevenoaks Rural…

Traditional Kentish Dishes. “Provenance has become a major issue and knowing where your food comes from now matters more than it once did. From this trend, you can see the natural progression to developing an interest in traditional Kentish food, dishes that are linked indelibly with the county.”

Kentish Recipes

Incredibly Fluffy And Delicious. These English Style Scones bake up light, tall and fluffy, and are a wonderful treat for breakfast or afternoon tea. Spread them with jam, clotted cream, butter, or simply eat them plain. They're so delicious!

COOKITSIMPLY.COM: Food Recipes. Another Kentish Huffkin recipe Makes 10 - 12 25 g (1 oz) fresh yeast (or half quantity of dried) 2 tbsp granulated sugar 225 ml (8 fl oz) warm water 100 g (4 oz) lard or shortening 2 tsp salt 225 ml (8 fl oz) scalded milk 500 g (1 lb) plain flour beaten egg 1. Cream the yeast with a little of the sugar and a little of the water, and leave it to

Kentish Recipes

Oldcook : Medieval Cooking, English Recipes. Kentish recipes from medieval cooking: Salad - Peas with sippets - Apple coffyns. T he following recipes are inspired by English medieval cooking. They come from Mo Joslin's book, Kentish Fare Recipes. Specializing in Kentish cooking, Mo Joslin writes cookbooks, conducts cooking demonstrations and prepares traditional dishes from the region of

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