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It is a razor's edge in the world for most of the population as the quest for equilibrium and comfort becomes obscured by a jungle full of treatments through prescription drugs for children who are seemingly out of control. Is the child actually out of control or are the teachers and parents out of control? Are they each completely lost when it comes to finding viable solutions for what is perceived as hyperactivity in children? How are the teachers treating the children in class? Is the teacher qualified to teach? Are they a part of the dynamic that energizes the hyperactivity? Does the school single out children who are difficult to teach based on a set check list of behavior problems and then the next step is a radial turn toward medication?

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These are just some of the questions that could be probed before taking the extreme of medication. Medication like Adderall is not the answer in most cases as the child simply has not met with the proper methods of teaching and nurturing. The parents often today are all to quick to pull the trigger on their child's mental health since they are often under the influence of a number of medications of their own albeit a laundry list of alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs or prescription drugs. How can a child have a fighting chance of becoming a successful student and maturing individual that will have the mental strength to face the challenges ahead, when his parents are falling down on the job themselves? In an ideal world, drugs will not be necessary. However, approaching a program that will offer engagement for the child in areas that the child shows a keen proclivity towards through exposure would have far reaching results that could bypass the prescription route completely. Adderall is a drug that is habit forming. Hence, this should give anyone who is a loving parent, that has the long term welfare of the child at heart, pause. Proceed with great caution, once a teacher, school administrator, or child psychologist starts to recommend Adderall.

Adderall is an amphetamine that is a legal drug. That does not stop it from becoming a substance that will and can be abused. It is commonly prescribed for the modern child learning disorder, coined by child psychologists, teachers, and school administrators as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is a 'disorder' of school systems that have large classes and not enough staff to give the proper attention to the child that hears a 'different drummer.' Those children are unfortunate instead of fortunate in schools that have little or no tolerance for the 'creativity level' of such children. Those children become quickly frustrated and even lash out so that they are simply taken out of the classroom and sent to meetings with parents and principals to head down the road toward buying Adderall.

This drug does not solve a child's problems of paying attention in class, it solves the teacher's problem of dealing with children who cause distractions for the rest of the class. Instead of nurturing the child with potentially high levels of intelligence and little patience for a cookie cutter style of learning in public schools, the child is singled out and medicated.

Another treatment that Adderall is prescribed for is Narcolepsy. Those who suffer from involuntary sleep, perhaps from being drug abusers in the past or from other sleep pattern disorders, the use of Adderall is thought to intervene in the dangerous condition of falling asleep in any situation. Falling asleep while driving, operating machines or simply walking down the street could be extremely dangerous to the patient that has been diagnosed with Narcolepsy or to others who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time should that patient be operating machinery or driving. Buy Adderall online from our reputable source if you are affected by those disorders.

Adderall is also prescribed for Depression. It is only meant to break the cycle by raising the heart rate, raising alertness, and giving a sense of high energy so that the patient might begin to operate on their own in a more active manner. However, if the drug is given long term it turns around and causes more depression, lack of motivation, and dependence.

The abuse of Adderall will cause fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate, depression, and lack of interest in all things. This can hardly be a good thing at all and it is a simple place to end up in after a short period of taking this drug. The potential for Adderall dependence is very high. Other issues that can result from side effects of this drug's use are disrupted heart beat and high blood pressure. Some abusers have become anorexic and malnourished. This takes its toll on the overall health and well being. Patients have also suffered from loss of sleep after taking the drug for periods that outlast the intended use of the drug.